Bingo - History

Individuals have been enjoying the thrill and excitement of playing bingo for hundreds of years. Enjoy it casino sites offered by website. The history of bingo began as a lottery game in Italy and has transformed into the game players know and love today.

The First Bingo Game

A number of casino and lottery style games emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages. Bingo was one of these games, learn the bingo basics for new players. The first known cards were played in Italy during the 16th century in a lottery game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D`Italia. The first bingo cards contained three columns of numbers and there were no two cards with the same combination of numbers.

The History of Bingo in Europe

At the same time, this lottery style game was spreading throughout Europe. Bingo was soon played throughout France, where it was shared with other nearby countries. As the game grew in popularity, some groups of people began to oppose bingo and other gambling games. Even with strong disapproval from the Church, bingo remained a favorite pastime for Europeans, you have good times playing Online Bingo on casino sites.

The American History of Bingo

It wasn't until many years later when the modern version of bingo emerged in America. Edwin Lowe, a salesman and businessman, came up with today's bingo card after playing an older variation of the European game. Lowe's bingo cards were the basis for the cards that are played today. His version contained 6,000 unique card combinations and was played just like modern bingo and play roulette online.

Like many of today's favorite casino games, the history of bingo began in Europe hundreds of years ago. Online bingo today is based on the original game of bingo created by Lowe, which was a modern variation of the original Italian lottery game.