Great betting options at Guru Play

Live Online Roulette uses the roulette wheel that you can also see in traditional casino within an online setting. Other casino games can be played at sites provided by website.You actually see the live stream on your screen of your computer. The game is conducted by a real croupier. In other words, you will be playing in real-time. That's quite an improvement over typical online roulette games! A wide range of games is available on the Guru Play site where you can have bingo basics.

The game is very simple to play. You can easily learn the rules and join the ranks of roulette players. There are two major variations of the game; the European Roulette, and the American Roulette. You will have a number of betting options at the table. The table layout will reflect the numbers on the roulette wheel. You have to place a table bet. When the ball ends up on the number that you have picked, you will get a payout, you can also play other games like backgammon games.

The Live Online Roulette game wheel will have thirty-six pockets. Those pockets will have numbers such as; 1 to 36. The colours will be either red or black. There will also be another pocket with the number zero. In some cases, you will see two pockets with a zero. You will place the chips on the table until the time when the dealer tells you that you cannot make any further bets. There are inside bets as well as outside bets. You need to place the bets inside the grid in inside bets. You will place the bet outside the grid in outside bets. Have fun at other casino sites like Red Flush Casino playing roulette.